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We deal with the application of wear and corrosion protection coatings according to the different thermal spray processes. In all areas of industry, worn-out machine parts can be reliably and flexibly repaired by means of suitable processes.
The improved wear resistance and the short repair time are usually major advantages over a new production.


  • Lauf- und Gleitflächen an Kolbenstangen und Plungern
  • Lager- und Passsitze an Wellen
  • Ballenoberflächen an Rollen
  • Verschleißflächen an Gleitringen
  • Gleitflächen an Spindeln
  • Laufräder und Innengehäuse von Pumpen
  • Zellenradschleusen und vergleichbare Teile
  • und vieles mehr….

Working options

Also new components are manufactured according to drawing or pattern of us. We develop customized applications and document these in report form, if desired also with metallurgical evaluation.

For every development, a customer-specific process plan is created. This ensures at all times that the execution of the work always takes place with consistent quality and they are therefore always reproducible.

We support you in solving wear and corrosion problems. Get inspired by our technology and efficiency.

We are set up for one-off and small batch production.
The maximum standard dimensions for this are:

coating technology: Length: 12000 mm
  Diameter: 3000 mm
  Weight by piece: 12000 kg
Larger dimensions and on-site coatings on request.
Turning: Length: 4000 mm
  Diameter: 870 mm
  Weight by piece: 3500 kg
Welding: On demand  


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  • flame spraying
  • HVOF
  • laser welding
  • mechanics
  • engineering

coating types

  • metal coating
  • ceramic coating

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